Does CX Index operate its own case management functionality?

CX Index has developed its own proprietary case management system. It offers:

  • Customisable options
  • Detailed case management analytics
  • Corrective actions triggers

The result? Business focussed outcomes including:

  • Enhanced first call resolution
  • Reduced customer churn
  • Reduced customer effort

Case Management Charts

Case management is part of the core CX Index functionality.

Your case management charts allow you to identify underlying trends in your cases. Identify how many you have of:

  • Total cases
  • Open case
  • Closed cases
  • Cases with alerts

You can also customise when a case triggers an alert. 

Can I view a particular agent’s records?

Yes, you can. Choose the Agent drop-down and select the agent to view their individual performance.

e.g. someone provides feedback that contains an NPS of below 7, create a rule to trigger a case alert.

What is a case alert?

A case alert is a system alert that can go either to the agent, or their manager, or both.

In an ideal world, you're looking to see a reduction in customer alerts over time.

Open cases v. closed cases | With alerts v. without alerts

Customer alerts allow you to identify the issues causing cases. Over time, you're looking to create a downward trend in cases created. If you're not seeing a downward trend, you'll want to drill into the data to understand why that's the case.

Where can you create a case from?

You can create cases out:

  • from specific feedback
  • or from outside feedback

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