Security in Application Systems

Security in Application Systems

Input Data validation

All applications will validate input data before storing or processing.  This will ensure that the data input to systems is correct and appropriate, therefore protecting the integrity of the information systems. 

Control of Internal Processing

Mitigation of internal processing risks will be accomplished by incorporating validation checks into systems that will detect corruptions from processing errors or vandalism.  These controls will protect the integrity of CX Index’s information systems by building security into the organisation’s application systems and by ensuring the data run through the systems is complete, correct and appropriate. 

Output Data Validation

All output of data from application systems will be validated to ensure that the processing of stored information is correct and appropriate to the circumstances. 

Application owners will document procedures for responding to output validation tests and user responsibilities and will ensure that all users are trained on output validation policies and procedures. 

Please refer to the Application Security Policy for details.

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