Data Protection in CX Index

Customer data is kept secure by a combination of:

  • technological safeguards, such as encrypted communications, and
  • operation processes

By using AWS cloud services platform, CX Index is able to leverage the flexibility of AWS to implement additional encryption and key-management.

Data in transit

AWS uses industry-standard transport protocols such as SSL and TLS between user devices and AWS data centers, and within data centers themselves.

Data at rest

CX Index’s job is to ensure that data stored in AWS is encrypted in accordance with our standards. AWS offers a wide range of encryption capabilities up to AES-256, giving customers the flexibility to choose the solution that best meets their needs. 

Data segregation

AWS is a multi-tenant service, meaning that multiple customers' deployments and virtual machines are stored on the same physical hardware. AWS uses logical isolation to segregate each customer's data from that of others. This provides the scale and economic benefits of multi tenant services while rigorously preventing customers from accessing one another's data.

Data destruction

When customers delete data or leave AWS, AWS follows strict standards for overwriting storage resources before reuse, as well as physical destruction of decommissioned hardware.

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