Operational Procedures and Responsibilities

Communications and Operations Management

Operational Procedures and Responsibilities


Operating Procedures

All standard operating procedures will be formally documented and maintained, where required, to ensure the correct and secure management of all information processing facilities.

Formal authorisation from management will be obtained prior to any changes to documentation.

Operational Change Control

Formal management responsibilities and procedures to control all changes to equipment, software or procedures will be established and followed for change, integrating operational and application change control procedures, and logging all changes.

There shall be a formal approval for proposed changes (that could potentially impact the computing environment) that will be developed by the development management team.

Prior to any operational change there shall be a risk assessment that:

  • Identifies significant changes;
  • Records significant changes;
  • Assesses the potential impact of such changes; and
  • Procedures and responsibilities for aborting and recovering from unsuccessful changes.

All changes shall be communicated to all relevant persons.  The system owner shall manage this process with the assistance of the Senior Management.

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